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Poodle Mixes Intelligence and Training

poodle mixes

Poodles are extremely intelligent dogs. University of British Columbia professor of psychology Stanley Coren states that poodles are the second most intelligent breed of dog. Only the border collie breed is smarter. This makes poodles and poodle mixes both trainable and obedient.

However, you must still train your poodle mix properly. Many dogs will feel anxiety if there is not a strong alpha male presence in the family. As a dog owner you want to be the alpha male, or the dog may feel it needs to assume the role. This can lead to bad behavior like aggression, food guarding and more.

Do you want your dog to be well behaved around people and other dogs? AND have them obey all of your house rules even when you’re not around!

If you answered Yes,
you must click here now.

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Here is a photo of Violet looking at a cupcake that resembles her, or any other dog. It is called a pupcake and is from a local bakery here in Atlanta.

The icing is a heavy fondant icing. It has two ears that stick up. The icing is decorated to look like a dog. Overall it is a very unique and cute cupcake. Although the icing is a bit much to actually eat.

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Ourpets DT-10504 Smarter Toys IQ Treat Ball

Ourpets DT-10504 Smarter Toys IQ Treat Ball , 5 Inches , Colors may vary

Ourpets DT-10504 Smarter Toys IQ Treat Ball , 5 Inches , Colors may vary

This ball is great for my two and a half year old border collie mix. I give his breakfast through this ball, and it keeps him occupied for 20 minutes total. The ball won’t fill up a whole cup of kibble, so I have to fill it up two times. This ball takes him longer and tires him more than the Tug a Jug, which only takes him about five minutes to empty. As he empties the ball twice, he will pant and go lap on some water. It’s good to see he’s getting some kind of work for his food as opposed to just chomping it down from the bowl with no effort.

The only downside is that a lot of times the lid gets loose even if you close it pretty secure. One time the lid came off completly as my dog was playing with it, exposing all the kibble. To prevent this I used some strength to close the lid very tight, but later I could not open it back up! It took a grown male to open it back.

My dog does not chew on this ball due to the awkward shape and material(hard plastic). I and my dog have dropped this a couple of times on both laminate and wood floor, but I see no crack on the ball so far. It seems durable.

Good ball to make your dog work for his breakfast or dinner.

UPDATE: My dog still loves this toy. With the difficulty setting set to max, it is the slowest treat dispensing toy in my collection(buster cube, tug a jug, kong wobbler). That’s good, it lets him burn off more energy.

Also since the ball doesn’t hold a full cup of kibble, I would pour half and the rest on his regular food bowl. I place the ball next the the bowl and give a release “OK!”. Guess where my dog goes? He runs off with the ball! Even after realizing that there is food in the bowl (He puts his nose inside the bowl for a second and then goes to the ball) where he could just eat it, he perfers to get his food from the ball.

I have a 12 week old golden retriever. This is his favorite toy since it provides him with treats. It’s mine because it keeps him busy for a good 30 minutes- which, as any puppy owner knows, is a long respite from puppy antics. Although the plastic looks like it’s a bit weak, it seems to be holding up extremely well. Especially since puppy has learned to pick it up and drop it.


*Add puppy’s food along with small treats so that he doesn’t get an upset tummy.

*If it confuses him at first (mine sat and barked at it) then put all the treats on the top of the toy, closing the ‘trap door’. This makes it much easier for him to figure out how to get the treats. As he gets the hang of it, put the treats on the bottom and open the door to the widest, slowly closing it as he gets the hang of it.

This might not be great for you:

*If you don’t have a fairly big non-carpeted space- I don’t think it would move too great on carpet. You don’t want treats spilling out on your carpeting anyway.

*If your dog is very sedentary. To get the treats, the dog really has to bat this around- so a sedentary dog may loose interest quickly.

*If your dog is not food motivated(as few dogs as this may be)- once again, may not have much interest.

*If you have a very small puppy- small breeds may have difficulty with this as it needs to be batted very hard and it may be too large for them to get it to tip over (is weighted to stay with hole up if not hit hard). However, that depends on how active your puppy is.

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Greenies 27 oz Canister Teenie 96 Count

Greenies 27 oz Canister Teenie 96 Count

Greenies 27 oz Canister Teenie 96 Count

I have been feeding our dogs Greenie bones since they first came out and we have NEVER had a problem. I have German Shepards, Dobermans and medium sized hound dogs. They all love their GB’s and I find that because our Dobie tends to be a “garbage belly” (meaning she’ll eat anything!), so sometimes she doesn’t smell as nice as she should, really benefits from the “green” in Greenie Bones. I would like to know where “E. Antic” gets his/her information from…..as I can find nothing that says they are “deadly”, except for those people that haven’t done responsible research (not just hearsay from some list). If your dogs are gulpers or greedy chewers, then I wouldn’t feed them ANYTHING, especially RAWHIDE, that could be gulped and swallowed in large pieces or whole. Do we need to bring up “NYLABONES”? Always be a responsible dog owner and supervise your dogs when giving any kind of treats. Please don’t be afraid of Greenie Bones because of E. Antic’s post. You can buy Greenie’s in singles, so try one before you commit to a whole box. I have friends that have dogs that don’t really like them and that’s okay. My girls live for their morning GB’s and I now give them Greenie “Smart Biscuits” for an afternoon snack. They love the taste and we love them for the ‘benefits’!!

I respectfully request that Amazon and Amazon members make up their own minds, and not fall to the ‘fear mongers’ and ignorance amoung us. Always supervise your dogs when giving treats – after all, they are the animals and we are supposed to be the ‘smart’ ones…..don’t be afraid, do your homework, it always pays!

My German Shepherd is a complete Greenie addict. She knows when they’re in the house. She knows which cupboard they’re kept in. She knows what time of day she’s supposed to get hers. Her vet compliments her on her pretty white teeth, although some of that credit definitely has to go to the fact that my husband and I brush her teeth with one of those finger-toothbrushes and kiddie toothpaste (no fluoride, so safe if she swallows it), but I do know my dog chews a Greenie at least enough to get pieces between her teeth, and at four years old, she doesn’t have the kind of doggie breath that knocks you over if she breathes in your face. I do believe that some of the ingredients in Greenies help breath from within, so even if your dog inhales his or her Greenie, there’s still some benefit.

My only complaint about Greenies is that they’re expensive. There’s no denying that. If you do the math on this tub of 17, we’re talking about a dollar and forty-seven cents apiece. So I can see why that might stop some people in their tracks, and I understand. As for my dog, she’s on a limited diet because she’s allergic to a lot of things that are standard ingredients in a lot of dog food and dog treats. I feel like I’ve been a little bit trained myself, not to bat an eye at this price, and she definitely makes me at least a dollar and a half’s worth of happy every day.

If you’re looking at the Greenies in the 17-piece tub, considering them for purchase, though, I’m guessing your canine is also a Greenie addict, like mine. You’re going to buy them anyway, and if you get the free shipping, Amazon’s the place to get them.

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Violet will steal your spot

poodle mixes

Here is a photo of Violet on the bed, stealing one side of the bed.

Violet sleeps in bed with us.  She is so needy for attention and high maintenance, we can’t imagine her sleeping anywhere else.

Some nights she will cuddle right next to you.  She forcibly presses her back or her butt into you.  This happens more frequently in winter when the house is cold, but she’ll do it in summer to.  I think this a security issue, or fear of abandonment.    She’ll know if you get out of bed and wake up.  I think it’s the same reason you see puppies sleeping piled on top of each other.

Other nights, she’ll spread out and sleep by herself.

No matter where she sleeps, one thing is constant.  If you get up for the bathroom, a drink or whatever, Violet will steal your spot.  When you get back you’ll find her curled up wherever you were.  I don’t quite understand this behavior.  However it is as certain as death and taxes.

This photo is the criminal caught in the act. Moments before we were settled in bed watching TV. The remote controls still sit by the pillows. Then there was a quick trip to the restroom, lasting no longer than a few minutes. Upon return what had looked like a sleeping dog has suddenly migrated to steal the spot. Violet had curled up into a ball. She is only looking up here because the lights were turned on to take this photo.

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Schnoodle Birthday Video

Here is a short video of my schnoodle, Violet. She just got a few toys for her birthday.

Her hair is clipped very close. Normally she is a ball of fluffy white and tight poodle curls. With her little coal black eyes and little coal black nose, she looks like a snowman.

Violet is very bright. In fact she is too smart for own good. She absolutely loves to untie things and pull them apart, like tug toys knotted up or balled up socks. I think that is a sock on floor in the video. So, if little Violet isn’t getting enough attention, she will amuse herself. This invariably leads to some form of destructive bad behavior.

We are collectively working on training her. However, at least half of it is training the humans.

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Poodle Mixes nicknames

poodle mixes

Here is a list of the different dogs bred with poodles.  These designer dogs have “doodle” nicknames.

breed nickname
Affenpinscher Affenpoo
Airedale Terrier Airedoodle
American Eskimo Dog Eskapoo
American Rat Terrier Rattle
Australian Shepherd Aussiedoodle
Australian Terrier Terri-Poo
Basset Hound Bassetoodle
Beagle Poogle
Bernese Mountain Dog Bernedoodle
Bichon & Shih-Tzu & Poodle Daisy Dog
Bichon Frise Bich-poo
Bolognese Bolonoodle
Border Collie Bordoodle
Boston Terrier Bossi-Poo
Bouvier des Flandres Flandoodle
Boxer Boxerdoodle
Brussels Griffon Broodle Griffon
Cairn Terrier Cairnoodle
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Cavapoo
Chihuahua Chi-Poo
Chinese Crested Chinese Crestepoo
Cock-A-Poo & Lhasa Apso Lacasapoo
Cocker Spaniel Cockapoo
Collie Cadoodle
Corgi Corgipoo
Coton De Tulear Poo-Ton
Dachshund Doxiepoo
Dalmatian Dalmadoodle
Doberman Doodleman Pinscher
English Bulldog English Boodle
English Springer Spaniel Springerdoodle
Fox Hound Foxhoodle
German Shepherd Shepadoodle
Giant Schnauzer Giant Schnoodle
Golden Retriever Goldendoodle
Goldendoodle & Labradoodle Double Doodle
Great Dane Great Danoodle
Great Pyrenees Pyredoodle
Havanese Poovanese
Irish Setter Irish Doodle
Irish Terrier Irish Troodle
Italian Greyhound Pootalian
Jack Russell Terrier Jack-A-Poo
Japanese Chin Poochin
Labrador Retriever Labradoodle
Labrador Retriever Miniature Labradoodle
Labrador Retriever Petite Labradoodle
Lhasa Apso Lhasapoo
Maltese Malti-Poo
Mastiff Mastidoodle
Miniature Australian Shepherd Miniature Aussiedoodle
Miniature Pinscher Pinny-Poo
Newfoundland Newfypoo
Old English Sheepdog Sheepadoodle
Papillon Papi-poo
Pekingese Pekepoo
Pomeranian Pomapoo
Pug Pugapoo
Rottweiler Rottle
Saint Bernard Saint Berdoodle
Schipperke Schipper-Poo
Schnauzer Schnoodle
Scottish Terrier Scoodle
Shar-Pei Shar-Poo
Sheltie Sheltidoodle
Shiba Inu Poo-Shi
Shih-Tzu Shih-Poo
Siberian Husky Siberpoo
Silky Terrier Poolky
Skye Terrier Skypoo
Soft Coated Wheaton Terrier Whoodle
Standard Schnauzer Standard Schnoodle
Tibetan Terrier Ttoodle
Toy Fox Terrier Foodle
Weimaraner Weimardoodle
Welsh Terrier Woodle
Westie Westiepoo
Wirehaired Fox Terrier Wire-Poo
Yorkie Yorkipoo
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The Advantages Of Poodle Mixes

poodle mixes

Many people would love to have a pet. It will keep you company and help relieve your stress. A dog is one of the pets that will make you very happy if well trained and taken care of. There are many types of dogs that you can keep as a pet. Poodle mixes otherwise referred to as designer dogs are one type that you can keep. They are a mix of two different breeds of dogs and have many advantages. Here are some reasons why you would prefer a poodle mix over a purebred dog for a pet.

They are cheaper compared to their purebred counterparts. Pets can be costly and therefore most people will be attracted to a cheaper puppy. If you need a pet and at the same time would like to save some money then the poodle mixes would be a good choice.

The other advantage of this dog is that it does not shed its fur as much as the purebreds. This would be an important factor if you are allergic to pets fur. You will not have fur all over your furniture if you keep these designer dogs.

Combining two breeds of dogs is important since it enables you to have a combination of both breeds temperaments. As long as the parents are good then the puppy will have characteristics of both parents combined into one.

This dog also has other advantages. It is an athletic dog that loves being outdoors. At the same time it is reserved enough to double up as a house dog. This means that you can have your pet accompany you wherever you go.

It is also known that combining two breeds also reduces the incidence of genetic illnesses that are common in dogs. With poodle mixes you have a lot of variety to choose from when it comes to size. You can choose a large framed dog or a small one. This will ensure that you get the pet of your choice.

Poodles are very smart dogs, second only to the border collie. They are eager to learn and have good recall skills. This makes them easy to train. However, don’t think you can skip dog training as it is very important to the dogs happiness to have a strong alpha present.

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A Vivid Description Of The Labradoodles

poodle mixes

Labradoodles are a type of dog that originated from a cross breed between Labrador Retrievers and Poodles. The Australian Labradoodles are an F4 or greater. This means that it is a fourth generation or above.

There is no doubt that you are aware of this breed and the publicity associated with them in the internet, TV shows, and newspapers. You are probably in a dilemma wondering what all this upheaval is about and why people are paying hundreds of dollars for them. Perhaps you have seen one, or you are might want to own one. This article gives an insight of the Labradoodle.

These dogs come in three sizes: mini (14 – 16 inches), standard (21 – 24 inches), and medium (17 – 20 inches). All the aforementioned specifications are heights taken from shoulders. The Labradoodle can be an assortment of color of Poodles or Labrador Retrievers including gold, chalk, red, caramel, silver, chocolate, black, cafe, blue, and parchment.

The coat of these dogs can differ depending on the dog. There are three types of coat. These coats include: hair coat, fleece, and wool. The hair coat is similar to a Labrador retriever’s coat and less like a Poodle’s coat and can shed profusely.

The dog’s personality is a paramount aspect because they are bred first and foremost to be pets and family companions. They are smart and highly trainable, but like any other dog, they need training and socialization. Since these breeds are clever, an untrained one may cause numerous problems for his owners.

Most breeders and owners will tell you that these dogs are good with kids. This is a highly subjective statement because not all breeds of any mixed breed are good with all kids. Any dog can bite, and leaving a kid alone with a dog completely unsupervised is asking for trouble.

Another advantage of having Labradoodles is that they are a hypo-allergic breed.

Poodles are very smart dogs, second only to the border collie. They are eager to learn and have good recall skills. This makes them easy to train. However, don’t think you can skip dog training as it is very important to the dogs happiness to have a strong alpha present.

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Why Choose Goldendoodles For A Pet

poodle mixes

Dogs make great friends and good pets as well. They are good company and can shower you with a lot of love. Dogs are also known to help humans relieve stress when kept as pets. Training and grooming are some of the things that you may need to do to enjoy the company of your dog. Goldendoodles make great friends. If you are still wondering which dog to purchase as a pet then you may need to try this type of dog. There are many reasons why you should choose it which include:

They like to cuddle. If you need a pet to take away your loneliness then this may be what you need. The love to cuddle whether on the floor, the bed, the bath tub or even the couch. They make very good lap dogs and great company.

Golden doodles are very friendly. They will be friendly to everyone and do not scare your visitors away. They also have no problems with other dogs. Though this makes them poor watch dogs they are good pets that will make friends with everybody.

They do not bark a lot. Some pets can get really noisy but not when it comes to these Goldendoodles. They will announce that someone has arrived by barking a little then go quite for the rest of the day. This is also why they make good lap dogs.

They are great swimmers. This type of dog will make you enjoy your swimming. They will accompany you to the swimming pool and they can really swim fast. They will also entertain you as they play with the water while swimming.

Having a good dog is the dream of most people. Once you get this kind of dog you can be sure your search for a good pet would have come to an end. So go for it and enjoy the company.

Poodles are very smart dogs, second only to the border collie. They are eager to learn and have good recall skills. This makes them easy to train. However, don’t think you can skip dog training as it is very important to the dogs happiness to have a strong alpha present.

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