Hi.  My name is violet.  I am a seven year old schnauzer and poodle mix. This blog is about me and my adventures in Atlanta as a dog about town.


Here I am out to dinner, enjoying a glass of fine wine at one of the many Atlanta eateries that I frequent. Here the lights came up after sunset and the patio seemed to come alive. This establishment happens to be the Bucket Shop.  It is located across the street from the Lenox mall in Buckhead,  The patio is fanastic, with lots of seating and recently updated.  The surrounding small trees make it feel like a little oasis admist the hustle and bustle of the mall.  You don’t even notice the traffic right outside on Lenox drive.  I should mention that it is a popular spot for watching college football on fall Saturdays.  The owners or staff are bug time Auburn fans, and you are sure to find the game on here.


You’ll notice I’m sitting in a chair.  Of course I don’t sit on the ground like a dog.  I am a princess.  I am well behaved and I will happily lounge on my blanket on a chair while enjoying an evening out.  I get a little frisky if other dogs are nearby.  But in general I am so quiet and reserved you would not even notice me.

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Here is a photo of Violet looking at a cupcake that resembles her, or any other dog. It is called a pupcake and is from a local bakery here in Atlanta.  The name of the bakery is Sophie’s Uptown.  It’s in on Pharr road in buckhead, right behind the old location of the Three Dollar Cafe.  You can check their website http://www.sophiesuptown.com/menu.html  The picture is the very same “pupcake” that is my mirror image.


The icing is a heavy fondant icing. It has two ears that stick up. The icing is decorated to look like a dog. Overall it is a very unique and cute cupcake. Although the icing is a bit much to actually eat.  But if you are at all like me, you’ve never been in a bakery you didn’t enjoy.  I’m sure you’ll find an excuse to eat that icing.


And as if sweet treats aren’t enough, the owner David York is a dedicated animal lover.  The bakery is named after his beloved pet rescue Sophie who is no longer with us (playing happily at the rainbow bridge I’m sure).  He continues to support pet rescue efforts.  So all two legged and four legged friends please visit.

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Poodles are extremely intelligent dogs. University of British Columbia professor of psychology Stanley Coren states that poodles are the second most intelligent breed of dog. Only the border collie breed is smarter. This makes poodles and poodle mixes both trainable and obedient.


However, you must still train your poodle mix properly. Many dogs will feel anxiety if there is not a strong alpha male presence in the family. As a dog owner you want to be the alpha male, or the dog may feel it needs to assume the role. This can lead to bad behavior like aggression, food guarding and more.


Do you want your dog to be well behaved around people and other dogs? AND have them obey all of your house rules even when you’re not around!


If you answered Yes, you must click here now.

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I have many, many toys.  Some that squeak.  Some make noise like scrunched up paper.  Some produce sounds at a high frequency humans can’t hear.  And some are plush toys that make no noise at all.


But my favorite toy is an old sock.  I mean favorite by a wide margin.  Old socks beat store bought toys any day.  Why?  One reason is that they make great tug toys.  I can pull and pull to my hearts content if I can find someone to hold the other end.  I even give it the occasional head shake.


Second, they can be tied in a knot or balled up.  That may not sound like much, but you must understand I have a devious mind and absolutely love taking things apart.  You tie up a sock and I’ll grab it, run to a corner and occupy myself undoing any knot.  I use my front paws to stand on or hold the sock while I pull at the knot with my teeth.  I am unbelievably good at this.  I will have it untied faster than you will believe possible.


The third reason is I love the old sweaty sock smell.  I’ll bury my nose in it.  Honestly I love any smell, but the raunchy the better.  Nothing beats a good foot smell.  In fact, fresh off the foot socks are my favorite.  Which by definition means it’s not really an old sock.  It’s not meant to be my toy.  Perhaps that makes it even sweeter to get the good sock,

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Here I am enjoying another evening dining out. This time I’m at the Treehouse in the Peachtree Battle neighborhood.


The Treehouse restaurant caters to dogs.  On any given day you’ll find two or three dogs.  During a Sunday brunch you’ll find half of the tables have a dog at them.  When you have that many dogs you are bound to have some arking and playing.  But it’s not really not as much as you’d think.  My guess is many of the dogs are local dogs who visit frequently and become used to the sights, smells and other dogs.  Personally I will often sit quietly while other dogs are nearby.  Of course it really depends on the the behavior of the other dog.  If the other is quiet I will likely be quiet.  If they are playful or noisy, I tend to become visibility agitated.


The Treehouse covers their patio in plastic for the winter.  If you look at the photograph you’ll see the plastic behind me.  There are heat lamps and combination of lamps and plastics allows you to sit on the patio year round.  Good thing too, since the indoor seating is extremely limited.


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Dogloveit comes with a variety of human like costumes for your pet. Dress it up as a joyful clown at a party, or a magician or a vampire at a Halloween. These dresses come as the perfect suits for any activity, made out of soft material to keep your pet cozy and warm.

Surprise your friends with a puppy dressed in a suit of a magician, walking in with you for the next birthday party you will be attending. Your pet will instantly light up the party, being the star of the occasion and bringing in loads of fun to everybody around.

Get your pet involved in the joy you have at the Halloween. Dress it up in a Dogloveit vampire Halloween costume and all your friends will love playing with the cute vampire. Although it will not draw your blood, the adorable puppy is definitely to draw everybodys attention

Nobody can say no to an adorable dog or a cat dressed up in a funny clown outfit at the Halloween. Your pet is assured to be treated with loads of love and smiles from the guests and it will love the fun and warmth it receives.

Not only for special occasions but these Dogloveit clothes for dogs and cats are suitable for any outdoor activity. There is no doubt on the fact that your pet is one of your best friends and you would love to accompany the cute companion for any occasion you will attend. Ensure that your adorable pet is comfortable and kept warm, by dressing it up in Dogloveit costumes for any celebration.

We aim to bring prime quality as well as fancy products and pet supplies or accessories at cheap rates that are certainly better than any other brand.

Whether you have a Chihuahua, adorable Maltese, lovely Pitbull or cool looking Yorkie, you simply have to look for costumes designed by the expert designers of Dogloveit that will make your lovely pet look amazing at any occasion or party.

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Every All-absorb training pad consists of 5 layers of materials. The first layer is made of non-woven cloth, which allows dog urine flow through to the absorbent core quickly. The second layer is made of paper tissue, added with dog attractant and baking soda. The third layer is a mix of super-absorbent polymer and fluff pulp, which forms the absorbent core that can absorb and turn dog urine to gel instantly. The absorbent core can hold 3 cups of liquid. The fourth layer is also made of paper tissue. The back layer is made of water-proof PE film, which prevents wetting your floor.

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I thought I would a share a video from Christmas 2014.  This is me unwrapping my Christmas gifts.

Let me say that I get so many boxes with gift wrap, I know there’s something good inside.  I automatically any box is filled with toys or food or maybe even a sweater for me.  I’ve learned how pulled off the wrapping paper.  I also know how to dig my nose under the flaps and pry open the boxes.  You see I absolutely love to untie, open, pull apart and undo things.  It can be a box, a balled up sock or just about anything sitting nicely around the house.


My mom stopped me here because I was getting a little worked up.  I tend to eat anything I tear into small pieces.  This include the wrapping paper.


You’ll also note I’m wearing a sweater.  I am quite the little fashionista.  In fact, I prefer sweaters in the winter when the house is cool.

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Now your favorite four-legged member of the family can join the fun. With a pet costume from Rubies’, dogs will be ready for parades, parties, or just having fun. Rubies’ Costume Company has been creating costumes since 1950, of course they’d remember your pet.

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Have you always suspected your pup was visiting the dark side? This darth vader costume has character headpiece/helmet, jumpsuit with attached arms and a cape with belt.rubie’s costume company was founded in 1950 in queens, NY. Today, they are the world’s largest costume company. Many of our costumes, including our pet line, are made in the USA. Pet costumes are fun all year, not just seasonally, so dress up your best friend and have some fun today.

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Okay this is a little embarrassing but here is my first baby picture . I was 4 months old in this photograph. I had been raised in a puppy mill in Michigan. I’m not entirely sure where in Michigan but I had apparently spend some time outdoors and to this day I still love to chase sticks and leaves and basically anything outside.


Now I was rescued from the puppy mill and spent some time in a foster home.  I was eventually adopted from a Petsmart Adoption Drive.  This photograph is from the Adoption Drive.  The person holding me is one of the workers at the Adoption Drive.


I had a sister from the puppy mill.  Her name was Shotzie.  My name at the time was Heidi (not yet named Violet by sound to be family).  She was adopted first, so my new family never met my sister.  I get very excited when I see other white dogs.  I secretly hope that one of them may be my long lost sister.  Anyone reading this who happens to know Shotzie, please send me a note.  I would love to hear from her.


Now you may notice that I am very soft fluffy looking.  I became upset on the journey to the Petsmart and  threw up on myself.  Fortunatley the Petsmart had grooming and bathing facilities, so I was able to clean up.  Normally when I get wet or get a bath my hair curls up tightly and I truly look like poodle.  It must have taken quite a bit of brushing to make me look this fluffy.


Looking back, it’s clear how adorable I was and still am.  It’s easy to see why everyone just lavishes attention on me.

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Bowser Beer is a non-alcoholic, non-carbonated beer for dogs. All ingredients are American made and we make our broth from scratch – no onions, salt or fat is added. Malt barley is good for shiney coats and glucosamine aids in joint health. They are packaged in 12 -ounce plastic recyclable bottles with tamper-proof re-sealable caps.

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